Corporate Investments and Pensions

Navigating the pension's maze

Legal and social changes mean that workplace pensions have become increasingly important for both companies and their staff.

We work with businesses ranging from 5 to 500+ employees to create the right pension solution for their workers particularly now with auto-enrolment legislation. Implemented correctly, a workplace pension is a hugely valuable staff benefit and can significantly enhance both recruitment and retention of employees.

Our role is to advise employers on the right structure of any pension offering. We can explain the cost implications of different funding options and match the employer’s requirement with the most suitable pension provider.

Where employers wish, we can offer advice to employees, through their working life and  up to retirement. This helps ensure that employees fully appreciate the value of employer’s contributions and that every penny paid by the employer goes to providing the maximum benefit to staff. We can also help employers implement salary exchange options, giving additional National Insurance savings to both employee and employer.


Corporate investment strategies

Most prudent organisations want to retain a healthy amount of capital within the business to ensure a smooth cash flow, to act as security against unforeseen problems or bad debts and as available funds for future capital expenditure or strategic investments.

However, the current era of historically low interest rates mean that companies are struggling to obtain meaningful returns on cash deposits.

We're able to assist businesses in obtaining potentially better returns on corporate funds and working capital.

We agree a clear brief in terms of what risk, if any, a business is willing to take and on the timescale for any investment. This allows us to shape the appropriate strategy, potentially using a mix of fixed term deposits, structured investment products and equity funds.

Wider corporate strategy

Working hand-in-hand with your accountants, we are also experienced in helping a firm and its management develop an optimum approach to key corporate decisions. These might include whether and how to own commercial property where opportunities arise to acquire the business premises and on how to structure business sales or acquisitions in the most tax-efficient way.

The value of investments and pensions can fall as well as rise.  You may get back less than you invested.